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Part 2: The Ultimate Guide to White & Private Label Selling Success

Now that the foundations of white and private label products have been laid out, it is time to start thinking about optimizing the selling process. On your path to success you should never underestimate the importance of great listings and positive reviews. 

What makes a great listing?

Your priority should be increasing the conversion rate of your product. This is what will ultimately get your product noticed. Images, a good product description, competitive pricing and positive reviews are what matters the most when creating the perfect listing.

What classes as a good image?

Customers will often make a choice based on the preview of your product, so you want the visuals to be on point. Include as many images as possible and capture the product from all angles.

The quality of your photos is very important. Make sure they are the right size and fit the given frames. Likewise, make sure your images have the minimum width required for zoom; 1000 x 1000 pixels.

If you are unable to take great pictures of the products yourself, it is worth thinking about hiring a professional photographer. Especially for small businesses this often works out cheaper than buying all the necessary equipment.

Optimize your listing

Now that you have great images of your product, it is time to optimize your listing. Your main concern here should be to make sure that potential customers can easily find your product. You’ll achieve this through keywords. Here are some guidelines for perfecting your keywords:

- Don’t use commas or repeat words, even if they are similar like colour and color

- Don’t use competitor’s brand names, however, add keywords that your competitors include in their descriptions

- Ensure everything is spelled correctly

Launching your product

Your priority throughout the launch should be to sell as many products as possible and getting positive reviews only. Negative reviews will drive customers away. Initially, profit should not be your main concern, as you will have to sell your products at a competitive price.

Getting product reviews

Getting reviews is difficult as only one for every 200 customers will leave a review, but there are ways to encourage them to leave feedback. E-mails are a great way of reminding people to review a product. They are even more effective when they include an incentive, like for example a free eBook or even a funny story that’s relevant to your customers.

Negative feedback

You should avoid negative reviews at all costs, especially as a start-up. A few simple ways of avoiding this are:

- Sending emails, they will become the first point of contact for the customer.

- Never miss the shipping date.

- Always answer customer’s questions as soon as possible and make sure to be honest.

Whatever you do, you should ALWAYS promote your product on social media. We will address the importance of using social media to reach your target market in another post.