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Amazon Advertising

You’re probably already advertising your products on social media and Google, right? Then why not on Amazon. Amazon ads are a must for any e-commerce business. Amazon users are already looking to purchase a certain product, and unlike on social media you won’t annoy them with your ad, as you won’t be interrupting their browsing process because Amazon ads will only target relevant searchers. There are a few different ways you can advertise on this platform, so here’s a brief overview:

1 - Sponsored ads - sellers bid on a certain keyword and the product will appear as a sponsored ad at the top or bottom of the results. You will pay per click with these ads.
2 - Headline Search Ads -  displayed at the top of the results and can redirect searchers to any chosen page on Amazon. You’ll pay per click.
3 - Product Display Ads - work a little different in the sense that they are not keyword targeted but target similar products or interests. The advertiser can choose one target type for this ad. These ads can appear in various locations on the Amazon page as well as in marketing emails.