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7 Steps To Build A Brand

By Orange Klik

When you start building your e-commerce brand, you need to have a clear vision of how it is going to look like and what message you want to broadcast. What is your mission? What makes it unique? Obviously, there are a lot of questions you first need to answer yourself. To make it easier, we, together with Bernhard Rauscher, one of the key speakers of the White Label World Expo Frankfurt, present you 7 steps on how to build a brand.

Positioning - Basically, it means “do your research”. Before kicking off your business, make sure you know exactly what is your competition and find out what makes your brand unique among hundreds of others e-commerce brands. Then it’s equally important to get to know your target audience and their expectations - try to put yourself into their position. Having a clear idea about it means having a good brand positioning.

Defining - Most sellers can’t even define their own brands. That’s a huge mistake that you want to avoid for sure. Just think of it - you wouldn’t want to run a business that has no mission, vision or values, meaning it has no future. Define what your goals are and what value your brand brings to people, otherwise you’ll get stuck at the very beginning.

Design - Beginner entrepreneurs are very excited to create their first logo and overall branding and dive right into it, skipping the first 2 steps - positioning and defining. You might be surprised, but creating brand design goes only after these two. The truth is - you don’t want your logo to be only appealing, it needs to match your mission and vision as well. You also want it to have a meaning and for it you must have a clear idea of how it’s positioned and defined.

Building - When you complete the first 3 steps, at this point you might already have a strong foundation to actually start building your brand. Start placing your brand in front of your audience, let them get to know you, tell them your story and earn their trust. As long as you keep your brand reliable and respectable, you are good to go further.

Managing your brand - That’s where we turn into the more analytical side of running a business.  You need to always be aware of how your brand is doing, meaning you need to set proper goals, KPIs, measure its success by monitoring your traffic and conversions, optimizing for better ranking in search results, and so on. Always keep this data by your side - it’s important to know how your brand is doing in the long term. 

Scaling - Do you feel like you’ve reached your desired point and start considering expanding your business? Well, good for you, but what does scaling really mean? For example, hire an assistant to whom you can outsource some basic daily tasks so you can relax a bit and focus more on further business growth strategies.

Horizontal Markets - When you start scaling your business, you might get to this point where it stops growing vertically. Where to go when you’ve reached your peak? It’s either stay comfortable and change nothing or start looking to horizontal markets. If you choose the latter, start looking for opportunities to sell your product in different industries. It will expand and diversify your audience.

By following these steps, don’t forget the most important one - make sure your brand is focused on your customers’ best interest, not on sales. The right mindset and real value is a key to success, after all!

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