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     ABBA Nutrition develops and markets premium products that rely on clinically tested ingredients and unique formulations. The products appeal to a global audience, and come with a unique selling proposition to achieve sustainable growth and a market-leading position.
     Our mission is to continue our dedication to providing a special range of products, exceptional customer service, and unique experiences, to enhance the lives of people around the world.
     Our purpose is to make great products that can enable millions of people to live happier and longer lives. We believe we can make a significant contribution to humanity with our products and through the way that we serve our customers.
     We focus on a few products which reduce major health risks, and we bring them to the consumer in a way that is truly important and meaningful to us. We believe in our employees and business partners, who help us to serve others in the most exemplary ways. And we do not settle for anything less than excellence in the company. We have the self-honesty to admit when there is something we do not know, or we need help, or we are wrong: we have the courage to change. 
     The advantage of our products is the unique and powerful formulations of the Product range 3-6-9 that covers the most common health conditions of our generation. We combine several individual nutritional supplements into one formulation, which is based only on verified, peer-reviewed scientific studies that include healthy testing volunteers and thousands of our happy returning customers. 
   We respect world-recognised legislation, the latest scientific achievements, and the advice of internationally recognised experts in the fields of dietetics, pharmacy and medicine.

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