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As Turkey's leading tobacco and tobacco products company since 1982, CAGS® stands for the best in quality and innovation, proudly representing excellence on the global stage. Embedded in our family-owned heritage is a commitment to exceptional quality. Strategically located in Turkey, our production facilities blend tradition with modern technology, ensuring that our products always stand out in the tobacco and tobacco products sector. Our brand lineup boasts a rich history featuring renowned brands such as CRP®, SIR BADGER®, WATSON®, YOUNG MASTER®, 10BAK®, IMPRT®, ALLS®, and many others. With over four decades in the industry, our legacy is marked by innovation, outstanding product quality, and an enduring bond with our customers. CAGS® has not only set benchmarks in the industry but has also embraced the challenges of evolving market demands. Spanning 27 countries, our influence is strengthened by our variety of registered trademarks and esteemed brands that have won the hearts of global followers.

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