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We are a couple of wax makers in Provence (in the South of the France), we are labelled craftsmen in Art sector: we work for brand less to well and very well known in Europe and International. We realize candles for brands, from the beginning to the end, from the choice of the jar, wax, wick, to the fragrances that we create together. Each step is 100% personalize able.

All our production of candles is poured by hand and with recognized know-how.

We can produce small, medium series to big and important ones : from 50 to several thousands.

You want to create your own range of candles? You own candles and you want to have a French offer, with the same or with an other kind of wax? You have perfume but you don’t know how to do to integrate it in a range of dedied candles? You have only the jars?

We accompany every projects!
We have different waxes: sunflower, soy, rapeseed, coco…. And blends of vegetable waxes. We propose our own fragrances in a catalog of 200, certified by our master perfumer without CMR and we can create your own perfume too. Same for every steps of your project (work on the selected jar: size, coloured or not, serigraphy, hot stamping..), choice of the packaging or other.

Meet us and talk together about your project:)
Stef & Ben, Les Ciriers de Provence / The wax makers in Provence

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