Zwoltex Sp z o.o. - Polish Towel Factory

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Zwoltex has been supplying the highest quality towels and kitchen cloths to millions of households in Poland and around the world for 75 years. We are the largest Polish manufacturer of home textiles. We have one of the most modern machine parks in Europe - with a full production process in one place - in Poland: starting from yarn dyeing, through weaving, weaving, shearing, hemming, printing - and full product finishing. We use a number of unique production technologies, such as the patented ANTIBACTERIAL+ technology - eliminating the growth of bacteria, or Ultrasoft +, which gives Zwoltex products exceptional absorbency, softness and elasticity. The "Consumer Quality Leader 2023" survey conducted by Biznes Magazyn Strefa Gospodarki has continuously shown for 10 years that Zwoltex is the best perceived brand of towels in Poland - with brand recognition at the level of 40%. Zwoltex's clients are the largest retail chains in Poland - drugstores, supermarkets and DIY stores. We also produce towels for special orders with the partner's logo - made with any techniques - woven and printed. We have been trusted by the most famous brands, both from the Polish market and large foreign concerns. Our clients are the largest Polish radio and television stations, renowned producers of various industries, Olympic sports teams of many countries and top football clubs. Our production capacity is about 1 million pieces of products per month.

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