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Part 1: The Ultimate Guide to White & Private Label Selling Success

 If you’re looking to break into the private or white label industry, we’re sure there’s a few questions you have to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success! As one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world, listing your product offerings on Amazon is a no brainer and here some pointers to get you started.

What’s the difference between white and private label products?

When discussing White Label products, we’re referring to products manufactured in bulk, then purchased by several different companies, who will then brand the product as they wish and sell it on to appear as their own. Private label products are specifically produced to the specifications that are given by a company and then branded as their own.

Top tips to ensure your product choice is on point

Consider the pricing and how to gain traction

- If you’re planning to sell on Amazon, products priced below 15 Euros could take a big hit from Amazon fees
- Unless you’re selling in bulk the above is a key factor to take into consideration.
- Change the pricing of your product/products once a week as this results in Amazon notifying customers that the price has reduced.
- Shout about the fact you’re selling on Amazon and use social media and your friends to your advantage.

Make sure the market isn’t saturated

- If it is, make sure you can offer something that stands out from the crowd.
- If the product you’re considering has listings over two pages long, with variations in colour and size, it’s probably not going to be the easiest market to break into.
- Product research tools are great but keep in mind that a lot of people use them so the ‘perfect’ product could be found by many which then ranks up the competition.

Finding the right supplier

The top 3 places we would recommend for finding the right supplier are:

Ali Baba

As the biggest global retail marketplace offering quality products at factory prices, Ali Baba is at the top for finding both suppliers and manufacturers.


Not only is it free to use but you can search for manufacturers by product and location.


This is the European version of Ali Baba. The items found on Zentrada are generally more expensive but better quality.

Being aware of the above and considering your options is key to making sure you set yourself up for success rather than failure. Diving straight in can be tempting but getting it right avoids any errors along the way. We’ll be bringing you part 2 of this guide next week where we cover creating a great listing, optimizing your listing, generating amazing product reviews, and more!