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January Pick Me Up

Another year has come to an end, for many of us marking the beginning of post-Christmas January Blues. Businesses also experience a slump in sales during this period BUT there’s a few things e-commerce companies can do to overcome this drop in sales: 

1 - This is the time for retargeting. Using personalised ads, target users that have previously viewed certain items in order to convince them to complete the purchase.
2 - The most profitable factor for most businesses is targeting people’s New Year's resolutions. The most popular themes here are self-care, travel, and health & fitness, so if your business is involved in any of those factors, push them hard, as this is the time of the year where people are very determined to fulfil their resolutions.
3 - Last but not least, use this quieter time to make sure your business is ready to conquer the industry in the coming year.