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Growth Hacking Tips

There has been a revolution in the world of start-up businesses. The meaning of products has changed and this calls for new tactics for business growth. For anyone looking to expand their start-up business and acquire new customers understanding the principle of Growth Hacking is a MUST. Often, Growth Hacking is confused with marketing. However, it is not marketing, it’s not better than marketing, it’s not replacing marketing, it’s just different. Growth Hacking is mainly concerned with online products like Facebook or Dropbox. Growth Hackers know exactly how to get people involved and their main and only objective is growth. They know where the traffic is and how to target it. What they are doing is basically like what McDonald's did in the 50s, when the US Highway system was only just getting started and they realised that they could gain a huge amount of customers from the Interstates. Growth Hacking is especially important for start-up businesses that are looking for quick growth but lack the resources and connections needed to use traditional marketing strategies.