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Packoorang Launches Reusable Pallet Wrap Product

Palloorang was developed on request from global logistics and ecommerce companies in need of a solution to replace one of the worst polluters in the ecommerce industry: the single-use cling film wrap. “It's exciting to see multinational corporations come to us with real intent to lower their carbon footprint by switching to reusable packaging” says Alvin Dammann Leer, Co-Founder and CEO of Packoorang. “The circular economy is here to stay and will continue to gather speed in coming years.”

A reusable pallet wrapper can save your company up to 82% in wrapping cost and 80% or more in CO2 emissions. In the US alone, 2 billion pallets are shipped annually, creating one billion pounds of plastic waste, 95% of which ends up in landfills. The environmental impact is massive and continues to grow at rapid speed. With this new solution, we can significantly reduce waste production while helping companies reach their CO2 targets. 

Packoorang is known for putting their customers in the spotlight through their white-labeling and co-branding options. “We want to let the brands be the hero” says D. Leer. “After all, they are the ones pioneering new solutions. First movers should always be given an advantage over later entrants.” 

The product will be commercially available in summer 2021. OneMed, the second largest medical company in Scandinavia, was the first to sign up to pilot the product and will ship pallets to hospitals in the Nordic countries using reusable pallet wraps. “We’re excited to be able to measure the environmental impact as well as financial benefits reported back to us by companies such as OneMed,” says D. Leer.