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The Next Generation of Swiss Premium CBD Skincare

According to Prohibition Partners ‘Disrupting Beauty’ report, CBD products could account for 10% of global skincare sales and the report values the global CBD skincare market at nearly $1bn, within five years. Another report published by Allied Market Research claims that the global CBD skincare market size was valued at $633.6 million in 2018 and is anticipated to reach $3,484.00 million by 2026, with a CAGR of 24.80% during the forecast period. While research into CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is ongoing, fans have long praised the active for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hydrating benefits. However, with the European Commission officially listing Cannabidiol as antioxidant, anti-sebum, skin conditioning and skin protecting in its CosIng database, the benefits of CBD-infused skincare products seem endless. 


As consumers are progressively looking for CBD-infused products with natural active ingredients over chemical based cosmetics, we are proud to also focus on a more sustainable approach and be amongst the first in the market to only include natural CBD in our skincare line, as of October 2021. To further enhance the calming benefits of our products and reduce the risk of any skin-irritating properties, we have fine-tuned our popular signature scent and all of our skincare products now only feature skin-friendly and allergen free perfume. 

Moreover, we take great proud in the quality of our products which are exclusively made in Switzerland. For us, quality does not only reflect the high standard of our formulations but it also includes an ethical approach in terms of ingredients. This is why our DOLOCAN skincare line does not include any animal content or contamination and is thus suitable for vegans. 

We also believe that a skincare routine should reflect and align with one’s daily habits and we are eager to continuously offer the best and innovative products for a modern and busy lifestyle. With our daily and extended exposure to HEV light through various electronic devices, it seems sensible to include products that counter blue-light into our skincare routine. That said, we are excited to enhance our popular CBD Face Cream with a new active ingredient called Soliberine, which is a phytobioactive product based on Buddleja officinalis flowers that acts as a blue-light filter. 


Commonly known as “butterfly bush”, this shrub of the Loganiaceae family is mainly found in northern Vietnam and China and is in traditional medicine known for its wound healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Soliberine delays the aging onset and slows the structural and visual appearance of skin photoaging down over time, through the neutralization of ROS (reactive oxygen species) overproduction induced by light radiations. By protecting from UV, IR, and HEV radiations and their detrimental effects on the skin, this active acts as a new and innovative global photo-protector and is therefore a perfect addition to our powerful CBD anti-aging formulation.  

On top of our premium CBD Hand Cream and Face cream, we are even more excited to launch our “hydrating and calming CBD Face Serum”, perfect for oily skin. As serum are made of very small molecules, this product allows the previously mentioned benefits of CBD to be absorbed even quicker and deeper by our skin, allowing just a few drops to be super-efficient. To top it all off, our new serum also contains Aloe Vera, which is emollient and soothes and hydrates the skin from deep within.

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