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4 tips for profitable online shopping

Shopping online is fun, easy and convenient. If you also get discounts - even better. Whether online shopping is a routine for you or not, there are a few tricks to save money that you may not know.

Online shopping sites use all kinds of schemes to compete for the attention of consumers and offer - discounts, deals, limited offers, seasonal sales, discount codes, loyalty programs and more. If you want to take advantage of the best prices, it is important to know how to get these offers. That's why we present you a few proven tricks with which you can effectively save from your online purchases.

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To not miss a promotion or discount.

To not miss a promotion or discount, you need to have money on hand. What happens if the coveted product is offered at a big discount, but just before you get your salary. In these moments, a credit card can help in shopping. With the right credit card you can have extra money until payday. This way you will have the peace of mind that you will not miss the good deals. Also, credit cards can make online shopping faster, safer and more convenient.

Which credit card for shopping to choose?

If you are going to use a credit card only for hunting offers - we recommend a credit card that has no annual fee. Such is the White Card. It is an international credit, which has no annual fee for servicing the card.

The other nice thing is that White Card has no fees for applying and issuing, but also will not pay unnecessary fees on POS and online. And if you happen to need cash, this flexible credit card has no fee when withdrawing from ATMs in EU countries.

4 tips to take advantage of the best deals online:

Organize your emails

The electronic newsletters of online stores can be extremely useful. Merchants are looking for new opportunities to attract customers and few are those who will send you "spam".

On the contrary - expect to receive offers and promotions first, you may receive discount codes, offers for free delivery or exclusive access to products. In any case, online communication is in favor of both parties. Do not ignore it - organize your mail and move your promotional emails to a separate folder. This way - they will not fill your mail, but at the same time you will have access to them when you are in the mood for shopping.

Leave desired products in cart

Online merchants often use systems to encourage purchases. You've probably received emails reminding you to complete your order and buy items in your cart at some online stores. Even if not, we reveal the secret how to use the situation to save money.

In these moments, wait and do not be misled by the attempts of traders to create a sense of "urgency" with tricks like - "only a few items remain", "last chance to buy" or something similar. There is a good chance that the merchant will offer you a discount code with which you will be able to buy the product. Bingo! With a little patience, you'll save money. Keep in mind, however, that this trick is suitable when you are not in a hurry to buy a given item and works only if you are a registered user who has given your consent for marketing and added items to your cart.

Check prices on different sites

The big advantage of online shopping is the ability to compare prices and offers. When planning to make a purchase, compare prices on competitive sites. However, do not forget to take into account delivery fees, return conditions, warranty period provided, as well as delivery time of products. Keep in mind that additional fees can increase the real price, so do not underestimate the detailed research.

Take advantage of promo codes

For many of the well-known sites can be found promo codes that will bring you additional discount. Before completing your purchase - look for a code. You can do this in some groups on social networks, on influencers' pages or even on the merchant's own site.

You can also get a discount code when signing up for the store's newsletter. Often merchants provide some discount on your first order.

Don't forget, evaluate purchases according to your budget and capabilities. Stop buying things you don't really need. This way you are already "on plus".

The above tips are provided by Be Global Fashion Network



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