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Cannabis legalization in Germany - paving the road for a billion-dollar market.

We are on the doorstep of a new chapter in German economic history. The upcoming legalization of cannabis is a potentially billion-dollar market. Already in 2024, the first stage of the legalization will come into action. This will regulate private consumption and cultivation. In stage 2, we can expect further changes that may also involve public dispensaries. This is a highly exciting market environment in which it is important to be broadly prepared and to be able to respond quickly to all upcoming opportunities and changes. SynBiotic SE is placing itself at the forefront of this groundbreaking market expansion. The clear goal is to have the best products and services ready in all fields to offer the greatest added value for all stakeholders in the legalization process.

SynBiotic SE - A pioneering role in the cannabis market through integrated vision

The public listed SynBiotic SE is re-shaping the cannabis market with groundbreaking ideas. For years, the classification of cannabis as a narcotic has prevented larger-scale research and wide-ranging usage studies. Meanwhile, it has pushed recreational use into a dark corner that would be unthinkable for any other recreational product. Initially rooted in the wellness and food sector, the SynBiotic SE has committed itself to the ambitious goal of unlocking the entire potential of the hemp plant, from cultivation to its various medicinal and private uses. Casually, the hemp plant presents itself as a true climatic wonder that provides a rapidly regrowing, environmentally friendly raw material alternative for a wide range of product, it even can be used for climate-neutral insulation and is a cheap, protein-rich food source in the animal feed sector.

Under the roof of SynBiotic SE, all the leading companies along the entire cannabis supply chain are united - from seed to shelf. The three main markets "Wellness & Food", "Recreational" & "Medical"  are covered.

All companies belonging to SynBiotic SE are pioneers in the market and are convinced that cannabis is more than just a conventional plant. All our experiences have shown how important it is to take a comprehensive view towards the well-being of human beings. Our goal is to make cannabinoids available to everyone, at all times.

New markets require experienced leadership and strong investors

Behind SynBiotic SE is an impressive leadership team that is setting the course for success. Founder, CEO and former cannabis patient Lars Müller, a visionary in the cannabis field together with CEO and EIHA President Daniel Kruse, who has been operating exclusively in the hemp sector for over 30 years.

The commitment of investors like Frank Otto and Christian Angermeier highlights the confidence in the SynBiotic SE mission. Bringing their expertise and resources to the table will fuel the vision of SynBiotic SE to secure its place at the forefront of the upcoming cannabis market in Europe.

Stay tuned to be part of this journey.