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Lessons Worth Millions - a space for entrepreneurs

The "Lessons Worth Millions" project is a dynamic initiative focused on building a community of entrepreneurs and providing business education. It was created by the renowned Business  Angel, Daniel Kubach. This project stands out with its innovative approach to entrepreneurial  education and its rapid development, thanks to the strong personal brand of its founder. 

Passionate Education: 

The project is aimed at individuals who are already entrepreneurs or aspire to become one.  Through a closed Facebook group, "Lessons Worth Millions" fosters inspiring and valuable  business connections. Regular online meetings with experienced entrepreneurs form the core  of the project, delivering not only knowledge but also inspiration and networking opportunities.  Virtual and real-world meetings unite community members, strengthening the spirit of  collaboration. 

Comprehensive Education: 

Without limiting itself to a specific field, the "Lessons Worth Millions" project offers online  courses, interviews with experts from various industries, books, and guides. This diversity  provides participants with a comprehensive education, allowing them to develop not only  specialized skills but also a general entrepreneurial mindset. 

Business Angel Daniel Kubach: 

The project is created and led by Daniel Kubach, a recognized Business Angel with vast  experience in running multiple companies in diverse sectors such as the medical industry – S7HEALTH, real estate – Rentier Life Club, and the legal sector – LEXNONSTOP. Daniel  Kubach has become an authority in team building, creating sales networks, and inspiring 

entrepreneurship. His commitment to the project allows for practical guidance based on his own  successes and mistakes. 

Growing Community: 

The "Lessons Worth Millions" project is not just a collection of educational materials. It is a  dynamically growing community where members not only acquire knowledge but also build  lasting business relationships. The ultimate goal is to expand the project internationally, opening  doors for global cooperation and inspiration. 

Books, Courses, Events: 

The "Lessons Worth Millions" project is a knowledge treasure trove, offering online courses  and access to books and ebooks authored by well-known entrepreneurs, including Daniel  Kubach himself. 


"Lessons Worth Millions" is much more than your standard entrepreneurship lessons. It's an  exciting community with a mission not only to impart knowledge but also to inspire, foster  business relationships, and develop entrepreneurial skills. The project's founder, Daniel  Kubach, with his experience and authenticity, adds exceptional significance to the project,  making it a dynamic growth hub for anyone aspiring to succeed in business.