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Meet our Keynote Speaker: Moritz Corbelin, Digital Commerce Expert - Loyalized Consulting, ex. Otto Group

We are one month closer to the show and we are here to release another one of our keynote speakers, Moritz Corbelin a Digital Commerce Expert from Loyalized Consulting and ex. Otto Group! His seminar will be all about: ‘How to create stickiness – what makes customers come back’.

Otto Group is one of the world’s biggest e-commerce companies and was among the top 100 leading online shops in Germany, actually ranking second behind Amazon in terms of revenue. Otto Group has partnered with companies across many sectors including retail, services and financial services, primarily in the three economic areas of Germany, the rest of Europe and the USA. Being the largest online retailer for consumer fashion and lifestyle in Germany, we are so proud to present you with the ex. Head of Ecommerce Strategy at our expo for you to learn from!

What you will learn at the seminar:

In a world of ever-increasing customer acquisition costs, creating long-lasting customer relationships is more important than ever. How successful players use loyalty programs, community approaches and subscription models to create stickiness and increase customer lifetime value.

About the speaker:

Moritz Corbelin is a digital commerce expert with 15 years of experience in consulting, corporate and startup roles. His expertise includes assessment and set-up of tech-driven business models, digital strategies, as well as design and launch of direct-to-consumer activities. As Head of E-Commerce Strategy at Otto Group, he shaped the group’s digital commerce strategy, new business models and its transformation into an e-commerce player. As part of Deloitte’s Digital Marketing & Commerce practice, he helped retailers, as well as brands and manufacturers from diverse industries to establish and expand their direct-to-consumer activities. He has dedicated himself to digital retailing and the transfer of learnings to other industries. So far, he has helped over 40 businesses from different industries in their digitization efforts.