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Do it, just do it!

Do it, just do it!

By Carolin Schäufele, SHE works!

Don't work for others, work for yourself. Implement your own ideas and design them yourself. Many women are thinking about starting their own business, their own company. But few actually dare to do it! The doubts about what is good enough are too great. Many think too much about the fact that their own idea might not be perfect.

Overall, the number should not come as a surprise, according to the Female Founders Report from last year, almost 12% of start-ups were made by women. The main problem is the lack of role models who encourage and support.

It's a shame, since the companies founded by women are usually more stable and sustainable in terms of their success and lifespan.

We need more visibility!

There is a lack of visibility, the visibility of successful female founders and entrepreneurs. To role models.

Once women have taken the step into self-employment, they still appear much less frequently in the public eye. Partly because they don't dare, partly because they don't get the same attention as their male colleagues. The focus of the economic sector is still more on men and not on women. Even if one or the other has certainly happened in recent years. It's not enough.

If female entrepreneurs actually get media attention, one often gets the feeling that this is a very exotic specimen. A few successful women entrepreneurs are passed from event to event, giving interview after interview as if they were alone in the field. The trouble of looking for other successful career women is no longer necessary. And again the chance to put more women in the front row is lost.

So more channels and media are needed to support female entrepreneurs and founders, to bring them forward and make them visible. To make them a matter of course in business.

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