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Several years ago, a London based company, ABBA Nutrition, set itself the goal of helping people with several health problems and developed unique formulations with effective ingredients that really work. Today it offers a range of products that has become a real hit on the food supplement market across Europe. Each product has a unique story and tens of thousands of regular users.

 One of these success stories is the story of the tree of life that offers very innovative solutions not just to users but also to many resellers and distributors around the world who are looking for exclusivity and some advantage over competitors.

The Christmas tree is a silver fir tree

The symbolic meaning of Christmas trees originates in Celtic culture where the silver fir tree represents life, rebirth, and stamina needed to endure the winter months. They brought silver fir evergreen trees into the home as symbols of protection and to mark the beginning of a new year. Early Christians knew the symbolism of silver fir and they added candles and apples, and this trafition has continued right to the present day. The silver fir tree protects our home and family - it is a tree of life. In addition, the silver fir branches are widely used among people in mountain areas of Europe, to make tea for treating the common cold and rheumatism.

The healing properties of silver fir were known to our ancestors

The healing properties of the silver fir branches have long been known to our ancestors. Silver fir branches have been significantly used among people in countries of the European Union for centuries. At one time it was believed that the largest amounts of polyphenols could be found in dark fruits such as blueberries, grapes, elderberries and black currants. Recent studies of branch tissues, however, have shown that the highest concentration of polyphenolic compounds is present in specific parts of the branches and wood knots of the silver fir.


It all begins in the European mountain forest

High in the cold mountain forest, only the most durable plants survive extreme conditions. The branches of the silver fir grown in the pristine European mountain forest which is free of pollution and pesticides. They are carefully selected for the production of silver fir branch Belinal® extract. It is obtained using the most modern procedures, without alcohol or other solvents. Pure, natural ingredients are key to unlocking the healing potential of polyphenols and the effects are truly remarkable. The quality of each extraction is checked by independent research laboratories, and the effects on human health are proven by clinical studies. All production processes are environmentally friendly. We are taking care of nature and ensuring sustainability. Belinal® extract is organic certified by Ecocert. We believe that the pure natural ingredients are essential for therapeutic effectiveness.  

Proprietary scientific research and clinical studies

Belinal® is backed by proprietary clinical studies, scientific research and eight published articles in scientific journals. It has scientifically proven antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory activity, anti-diabetic activity, anti-aging activity. It also promotes joint and brain health, and helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Belinal® - silver fir branch extract has significantly higher anti-oxidative potential compared to TOP HIGH ORAC Value Anti-oxidant Foods published by NIH and USDA. ORAC value of Belinal® is 1.004.900 units expressed in umol Trolox/ 100 g (see figure below).



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