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EPR – An environmental policy and its direct effect on Amazon and white Label.

EPR – An environmental policy and its direct effect on Amazon and white Label.

What is EPR?

EPR refers to “Extended producer responsibility” which can be defined as a policy which extends a producer’s accountability for their products to the post-consumer phase of the product cycle.

EPR is not a new concept as it was initially introduced in the 1990’s and, being an environmental policy, it aims to reduce the impact of products on the environment whilst encouraging producers in moving towards a more environmentally friendly product development. To achieve this, additional financial duties rest with the producer which depend on the amount of usage of raw materials. 

EPR and marketplace sellers

There is an increasing number of different EPR categories such as Packaging, EEE, Batteries, Textiles, and so on, that marketplace sellers and online retailers will need to comply with. As producer of your own label, depending on the goods you sell and the countries where you are selling, you will require to register to the appropriate category through authorized EPR agencies. This will enable you to perform the required periodic declarations and pay eco-contributions.

EPR Enforcement

Several countries have implemented EPR schemes, but compliance has not been strictly regulated up until now. Only recently in Germany and France, marketplaces like Amazon started making sure that their sellers are complying with the EPR requirement. Amazon in Germany has already suspended several seller activities who failed to comply with the mandatory EPR Packaging guidelines enforced from July 1st!

This includes other giant eCommerce platforms as well, such as “AliExpress” and “wish”, as all marketplaces have to ensure EPR compliance from their sellers.

Global VAT Compliance can help you with your EPR obligations If you are a new seller or you are already selling in the territory of Germany & France. 

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