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Flowpoint at White Label Expo in Frankfurt

Getting ready

White Label Expo was amazing, and it was the place we learned a few secrets.

It was October 3rd, just 10 days before the event, when we decided to go to Frankfurt and showcase Flowpoint in front of an audience of 4000 people, mostly business owners and executives from the e-commerce and retail industry.

When we discovered the event our first thought was “It’s impossible to get ready in such a short timeframe” We still had so many things to do in London and a lot of work to do on our dashboard for our current customers.

In any case, the urge to feel even more adrenaline immediately kicked off, and after a quick call with Andrei we already bought tickets to the show, booked flights, hotel and rented a car, all less than a week prior to our arrival in Frankfurt.

We immediately realised that we must prepare for our stand with more than with just our physical presence, therefore we organised ourselves to arrive one day before the show to get things ready for the big event.

Few more days till the event and we already had everything packed: our new Flowpoint hoodies, monitors, tablets, laptops, posters, and a bag full of chargers and cables.

Arriving in Germany

First day in Frankfurt, we rented a car – a lovely Fiat 500, drove straight to the Messe Frankfurt, an enormous complex composed of 12 buildings created especially for expositions and events. At that point we saw how big the event really was as we were parking our rented fiat 500 near enormous trucks that came from different countries to exhibit.

Our day immediately became super crazy as we had just a few hours to create our booth. As we only had an empty space with just some white walls, we ran straight to IKEA to buy some furniture. It was almost impossible to match the level of the other exhibitors’ stands, however we were always extremely confident that for us everything that matters is our crazy AI that we managed to build during the last year and a half, and this is what is going to make us stand out from the crowd.

We bought a white table, two chairs and a carpet from IKEA, we crammed everything in the little car and got back to the expo hall just in time so we can assemble everything.

At the end of the day we had a stand that we were really proud of it was clearly seen from distance how much passion we’ve put into preparing everything.

White Label Expo day 1

First day at the expo was unexpected, we started the day thinking about the best strategies for us to get as much visibility and traction as possible, we were thinking about how we should move around the hall to attract more people and how we should approach the attendees, but something happened.

People were coming to our stand one after another and they were all super keen to subscribe on our platform without us even pitching the product until the end.

We’ve never seen such traction during an event and this time we finally proved ourselves the enormous value Flowpoint can bring to a customer. It was the moment we were looking into people’s eyes and we immediately saw a mixture of emotions that we’ve never seen so far but only thought it’s has to be real.

Just from reading our headline they understood that Flowpoint is capable of supercharging their e-commerce shops like no other analytics tool can do.

White Label Expo day 2

During the second day at the expo, things continued to happen in the same manner and we were totally pleased. Businesses that subscribed during day 1 already started creating their accounts and they were doing so while we were still at the expo.

As the end of the show was approaching we were already invited to attend the next show in London in 2023, not just as exhibitors but this time as speakers.

Me and Andrei will have the pleasure to discuss in front of a huge audience at ExCeL in London about our journey and how Flowpoint can help businesses make more money by telling them what to fix on their websites to drive more revenue.

I look forward to seeing everyone in London in February 2023!