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Innovation Awards at White Label World Expo Frankfurt

Innovation Awards at White Label World Expo Frankfurt


We could hardly put on a show which is at the centre of ecommerce innovation, without paying a special tribute to the exhibitors who are providing unparalleled solutions for an increase in profits, efficiency and overall success!

Our Innovation Awards celebrate the groundbreaking solutions changing the ecommerce space one astounding creation at a time!


Innovative Product of the Year!

This award is here to credit the product or service that has taken the lead this year because of its creativity and innovation. This is for any company providing a product or service that they see as an unstoppable force and the basis for thousands of online entrepreneurs’ success. 

Congratulations to:

NorVita -  a supplement developing and manufacturing company, with an emphasis on innovation, patents, and industrial design rights.

Tyler Packaging -  a specialist supplier to the Pet food market, fully integrated from extrusion, print, lamination and pre-made bag conversion.

Liquid-Universum GmbH - is one of the leading European manufacturers of e-liquid, CBD and hemp products.


Service of the Year!

This award is for businesses that provide the best of a type of service. From branding to payment solutions, a certain aspect of your business is rated excellently by your customers and makes their experience with you something worth repeating.

Congratulations to:

Orbitvu - provides efficient and simple to use solutions for automated still and 360 photography, created with passion and hard work. 

IFS Analytical - IFS Laboratories has carried out tests for clients based in the UK, manufacturers importing to the UK from abroad and manufacturers worldwide, who need our laboratory testing services. They have helped a wide range of Analytical, Textile and Upholstery Furnishings Manufacturers to identify and solve their problems using our BE-LABSURE service.

Like Transport - Transport & logistics, order picking & warehousing, outsourcing, relocation logistics


Leading Manufacturer Award!

This award goes to a manufacturer that is established for the trusting relationship they have with their clients, ensuring there is a fantastic quality control system in place and providing a seamless experience.

Congratulations to:

Wellbeing Farms - Wellbeing Farms is the first true CBD and Mushroom company.  We manufacture two distinct product lines – CBD with functional mushrooms and functional mushrooms with adaptogens.

Saremco Cosmetics - Saremco Cosmetics AG is an innovative manufacturer of special plastics in the nail cosmetics sector. Our assortment is characterised by high-quality products and services with unique advantages for application and function. Pioneering spirit, “Swissness“ and performance are the pillars of the brand’s success. Bonding agents, sculpting gels, colouring gels and finishing for your unique appearance. You as a customer are our main focus. We are very much interested in customer satisfaction and your health.

A4 Group SP. Z. O. O - A4 Group strives to be the best B2B partner in the CBD market. We are all ambitious and motivated by the desire to promote our full-stack services to reach more audiences. We have optimised the concept of indoor cannabis production. All our products are eco-friendly, pesticide free, and of the highest quality possible. We love our cannabis sativa plants and have a passion for technology and research.