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Our sponsored professional boxer Regan Glackin is an outstanding athlete with a professional record of 8-0 

Read below to see what he has to say about our new RECOVER CBD Oil

I thoroughly enjoyed using the new Recover oil, i thought it gave me a few extra benefits aswell as the relax oil in aiding my recovery.

I use it every night after my final training session after my dinner.

It helped my pain and soreness the most and inflammation wasn’t as bad when i used it.

I would highly recommend using all of Lively Canna Co’s products to any athlete or person looking for the best benefits to help and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Gym owner and rehabilitation specialist Mark laurie says 

I’ve really enjoyed using Livelys CBD products

Ive only tried one CBD brand and it was fine but I like that Lively offers the terpene infused versions to energise and relax. I felt the added benefit from them. 

Waking up and not feeling ‘leggy’ from a heavy one the day before is class. With improved sleep quality and very little to no muscle soreness the next day after training. Ive pointed lots of people towards Lively and will continue to use myself.

Being able speak to the team from Lively to answer queries was helpful too.


Professional Boxer & WBX Commonwealth Champion Nathaniel collins says -

“The main benefit I get from Lively CBD products is a better sleep as I struggle alot to get to sleep at night. Since using lively I haven’t had a problem.

Ive only ever tried CBD once in america and it was a muscle rub which was really beneficial in a different way! However the lively relax does help me wind down and recover.

I had a very pleasant experience using Lively Canna Co’s CBD products, I feel more well rested & fresher when I wake up.

I would definitely recommend Lively Canna Co to friends & family and I’d use again no problem!”