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My product – the one and only

In order to survive in international trade today, many measures are needed. A good idea, reliable  suppliers, a modern online shop, social media activities and so on. It is often forgotten, that a  comprehensive overview of the market is just as essential - what are the trends, what do service  providers / product suppliers offer, what innovations are there, what is the latest news in the industry.

It  is often the case, that start-ups in particular focus primarily on their product, which is important in the  first place, now doubt. But, it can be a disadvantage if newcomers to the market rely too much on their  own knowledge and inform themselves too little about things that are only secondarily related to the  product, such as what do I have to consider in terms of packaging, what shipping options are there,  what about sustainability and my carbon footprint, what do I have to consider in terms of taxation, how  can I reduce my logistics costs - to name just a few of the many facets of a comprehensive market  overview.

So it is very important to stay informed, so that you will still know what is happening around  you tomorrow. Important is, to develop a daily routine to get well informed. This can be before you  start your work, while the day or after. For example one in a month is not a preferred method to really  be up to date. Be the queen / the king of knowledge, not only when it comes to your product. Both, a  good idea / an innovative product and a sound knowledge about the market and its trends prepares  you the right way to path the way for your success. 

Author: Matthias Kreidler, kreidler media 

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