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Product Sourcing Trail

Are you looking for the hottest, latest products & services to purchase in the White Label industry? See it all in person at White Label World Expo Frankfurt!


With the large range of products circulating around the ecommerce market, at White Label World Expo Frankfurt we have narrowed it down for you so that you can meet the hottest products at our show! Our Product Sourcing Trail allows you to not only meet and interact with the highest quality products we have highlighted from our show, but you can also meet other people following this dedicated trail to meet fellow buyersretailers and ecommerce professionals!

It is a rare and unique opportunity to be led directly to the stands that we have selected for you across the CBDhealth & beautyfood & drink markets and more!

These sectors are accelerating across the ecommerce marketplace, with thousands of new products being launched everyday, so it can be extremely difficult to stay on top of what’s new in the industry and what is worth taking a look at!

This is why, at our Product Sourcing Trail we have made it easier for you to source some of our favourite products amongst the hustle and bustle of the show floor!

Make sure to sign up for your FREE ticket so that you can receive your showguide in the post and see the trail mapped out for you!


Take a look at the exhibitors that we want to bring to your attention this year:


“We are a direct manufacturer of CBD hemp products such as CBD oils, CBD hemp flowers, CBD liquids and hemp cosmetics. For the production of our products, we only use organic hemp from our own production, which is located directly in the Czech Republic.”

Zelle Farms

“Zelle Farms Processing and Research Center are dedicated to creating a product so pure it sets the industry standard of quality. We test all of our products and raw materials by 3rd party labs, every step of our process. This ensures that our products are the finest in the industry. We produce the purest forms of hemp and strive for less than a 0.1% variance in all of the products we produce. Our team is dedicated to making revolutionary breakthroughs in its mission to create medicinal alternatives.”

Votom World

“At VOTUM, the key to our activity is our clients, the unique relationship established with all of them. This represents our common commitment. Destined to make a difference and create social value. VOTUM works to generate value by creating attractive, high-quality products, ethically and always respecting the circular life cycle. We strive so that each of the phases that generate value – product selection process, procurement, quality control, design, logistics and online sales – meets its objectives and results.”


“People are not always aware of the best ways to keep their pets happy and healthy. When they notice something is wrong, it is often hard to pin a specific cause to the situation. However, people do feel the responsibility and desire to help their pet to feel calm and comfortable. Candid Tails aspires to help people to take care of their pets in the best way possible. We want to educate people on the psychology and physiology of their pet, while making sure they know how to tackle every problem that may arise throughout their furry friend’s life.”

A4 Group

“Our pure CBD oils are extracted using CO2-extraction method.

The A4 Group Master Growers’ Department follows principles and peculiarities of the cannabis’ growing process.

Experts from our Chemist Team use the latest scientific methods for controlling the hemp quality, refining & extraction methods used in the factory and, of course, the THC level of the product we offer to our business partners. We are sure we maintain a full spectrum of the most potent cannabinoids in each and every CBD product we produce.

All our finished items undergo a rigorous process of quality control and testing procedures both internally and externally before being introduced to the market.”

VMS Solutions

“Often referred to as Nutraceuticals nowadays, VMS Solutions offer these products in a variety of different formats. The market itself continues to expand, fuelled by innovation, research and the consumers increasing awareness of the importance of nutrition. Whether it is a Nootropic, Probiotic or traditional AZ Multi, we have the insight and knowledge to help you.”

Private Label Germany GmbH

“Private Label Germany GmbH offers you support in all areas of the production of dietary supplements. In addition, we serve as a contract manufacturer, be it according to our own or customer's recipe. We would be happy to work with you to develop a recipe for your products.

Private Label Germany relies on product quality and professional support. We strive for high quality product development and make it our priority to meet the demands of our customers. You are welcome to see us as a trustworthy partner and producer of your product - from the idea to marketing.”

Saremco Cosmetics AG

“Saremco – the most innovative manufacturer of special plastics in the nail cosmetics sector The range is characterised by high-quality products and services with unique application and functional advantages. Pioneering spirit, Swissness and performance underpin the brand's success. Adhesives, modelling gels, colour gels, sealer for your unique appearance.”

Pure Power Food and Beverages BV

“Pure Power Group is a global company with several offices in strategic locations around the world. This allows us to create a network of retailers, distributors and concept developers to achieve the largest possible market penetration.

From these offices we serve the local markets with our brands that we carry there.

We believe that society needs healthier and more convenience products. That is why we only select brands that meet our values and standards. Integrity and respect for people, organisations and groups in society. In addition, we want to exert a positive and sustainable influence, which is why sustainability is also one of the core values in our organisation.

Our team consists of people with a proven track record, who are all specialists in their field and all share the same passion.”

Veganz Group AG

“Veganz is the brand for plant-based foods from the capital and we are convinced that we are the only multi-category supplier to have a unique brand positioning, especially in the DACH region. Founded in Berlin in 2011, we became known as the first vegan supermarket chain in Europe and just a few years later we made it with colourful products and a life-affirming corporate philosophy to break into the vegan niche. You too must have noticed that the topic of veganism is omnipresent and has long since ceased to be an entertaining nutritional trend - and not only in Germany. With a lot of team spirit, know-how and probably a little bit of luck, we managed to get our products onto the shelves in over 22,000 sales outlets in more than half of the EU countries.”

Schild Leinet Gruppe GmbH

“Schild Labs is a leading full-service contract manufacturer with expertise and decades of experience in the production of innovative health, beauty and personal care products and their packaging – all developed and produced with the greatest attention to quality, efficiency and safety. Whether 5 million bottles of hand sanitiser or 500 hand-filled bath salt packs for your boutique hotel – contract filling is our speciality. Our state-of-the-art research and product development laboratory guarantees that everything is done to perfection.”


“As a contract manufacturer, KHK GmbH has extensive expertise in the field of "solid fats". In addition to a special focus on lip care, we develop water-free formulations for various care products, from beard wax and body butter to deodorant cream.”


“TAC Perfumery is a boutique manufacturer of fine fragrance and white label cosmetics. Incepted during 2018, TAC Perfumes began it’s journey with an aspiringly simple ethos:

‘To ensure every single perfume curated by TAC is the ultimate expression of the wearer. Every spray will encapsulate our promise to ensure only the finest and rarest materials collected from across the world are bottled using artisanal craftsmanship and groundbreaking technological innovation, so every product bearing the TAC brand is a mark of absolute unwavering quality and distinction’ ”


“The vision of Valkyrie Kosmetika GmbH is to keep each commitment made and work tirelessly towards establishing and maintaining fruitful long-term relationships with our customers and clients. We maintain outstanding service and standards through every arm of our business endeavours. Our commitment as a quality cosmetic and food supplement provider is the core of our everyday practice. Each one of our natural products is carefully developed to the highest market standards.”

Mynd Drinks Ltd

“When we developed MYND we put quality first. After tasting every CBD drink on the market we knew you deserved better. So we set out to create a 100% plant based CBD drink that not only tastes good, but makes you feel good too. We made sure to find nothing but the highest quality ingredients all derived from nature. When we say all CBD drinks aren't created equal you will understand after you take your first sip.”

Zignify Global Product Sourcing

"We are a global product sourcing company founded in 2005 to provide sustainable sourcing and procurement services. Over the years we have accumulated knowledge of wealth when it comes to providence of product sourcing services. We have managed to expand our product sourcing activities across Asia, Europe, Africa and America which means we are able cover all important emerging markets and to closely integrate with both our clients and their supply markets."


Follow this trail to discover, test, try and buy the latest products at White Label World Expo Frankfurt!