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The Gift of the Year awards are back, and they are planning to be bigger and better than ever. Over the last few years, we have increased the number of judges that will review your products and ranges, and we have also dramatically increased the reach of the competition by collaborating with key partners to reach a wider global audience, and this year we are set to reach much further to showcase all your amazing entries.



If you are new to the competition, Gift of the Year celebrates all that is amazing about our industry and honours those innovative, dynamic and inspirational products that enter. Find out more here and check out our previous winners over the last few years.

At the very heart of the competition, Gift of the Year is all about raising your profile as a business and getting you in front of key audiences - comprising of key buyers, retailers and industry experts - We do this by ensuring that your products are guaranteed to pass under the eyes of over 100 judges through the initial stages of the competition, but as you process through each stage, the audience gets bigger so you, and your brand and the products you've ever get more visibility than ever which will hopefully elevate you to the next level and help you reach your business goals and boost your brand.


With 20 categories to choose from to enter your products from Home and Garden, Commemorative and collectible. We have even added two categories this year, the triumphant pet category makers a return and we have launched a wellness and accessible gift that will shine a light on all those gifts that make life a little easier and allow anyone anywhere to enjoy your product, check out to find out roe about the categoires and where your products sit.

...So what are you waiting for, set up your account and enter your products today. If you already have an account, simply log into your profile and get entering your new ranges now.