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The latest improvements on the Alba Agro plantation

We are getting closer to the ECO certification 

Alba Agro proudly announces that we have officially started the ECO certification process of our crops! We are glad that we can share this great news with you and assure you that the certificate will soon be in our hands.
Our plants have always been cultivated in accordance with all ecological norms and standards.

We care about the quality of our plantations and the quality of products made of these plants, which is why we have never used artificial fertilizers or chemical plant protection products.
This allows us to ensure that our products do not contain even trace amounts of harmful substances.

We care about the health and safety of our customers and end product recipients, therefore this long-awaited time has come and exactly on April 4 we have been covered by the ecological farming control system.

Soon we will be able to certify to you that our crops are 100% safe!

Precision Farming - an original project developed by our company 

Alba Agro has been constantly developing new technologies for the cultivation of hemp in our fields for nearly 3 years. We create proprietary crop optimization and management programs using drones. 

We are developing a plantation feminization project using drones for the accurate and quick localization of male specimens, the so-called flatfish. Precise monitoring of our cannabis plants allows us to optimize our crops. 

Removal of male flowers - the so-called feminization of plantations has a positive effect on the quality of the final material - CBD/CBG dried fruit and its parameters.

By collecting large amounts of data and analyzing them quickly, we open up new possibilities for the development and management of crops. For this season, we have refined our algorithms for crop feminization and machine learning. This will allow to lower production costs while increasing yields.