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infoRETAIL is a communication medium aligned with the informative and communicative omnichannel, with a strong commitment to the online format (with our website and our daily news bulletin) and a firm belief in the validity of the paper (with the edition of seven annual numbers of the printed magazine).

Pioneers in daily sectoral information on mass consumption (365 days a year), at infoRETAIL we advocate truthful and exhaustive information and rigorous analysis, being a communication platform for the various opinions and currents existing in the market.

At the time of its genesis, infoRETAIL highlighted its embryonic idea of being a support for the new information challenges of the mass consumption sector in the 21st century. Over the years, we reaffirm our commitment to continue offering our readers a new way of doing journalism, including adaptation to new technologies and immediate and constant interaction through social networks. According to the new times and the new demands of the market.