SHE works!

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With SHE works!, the business and career magazine for women, we close the gap: there are many career magazines - especially for men. We present a female perspective on topics such as business, careers, female entrepreneurship and empowerment. With and for women in business.

We publish daily updates on our internet platform focusing on founding for startups, business, law, finance, marketing, work structures and human resources, for female founders, entrepreneurs and career-oriented women.

We present networks, publish dates and talk to exciting women in our podcast and in our radio show.
On our website, you will find a wealth of information that is needed to start and run a company. We present an overview of all relevant events and publish podcasts with women who make a difference.

With She works!, female founders have the opportunity to share their story, not only to become more visible, but also to encourage other women to support them make their next step.
The heart of our work is our quarterly magazine. This e-magazine contains expert interviews telling large and small success stories from women in business, as well as tips and tricks on various topics. Our aim is to increase women visibility to contribute to their success and that of other women.
A comprehensive topic list is published online to navigate in the wealth of expertise and in depth knowledge for women who are just starting a business as well as for experienced CEOs.

Visit us at Let us know if you want to share your story in SHE works! We are also happy to receive feedback or ideas and suggestions (