Stand Number: n/a is initiated by the founder Benjamin Talin, which tries to give everyone access to knowledge about the topics of the future. MoreThanDigital is also working on highly scalable solutions to help companies and individuals with newest technologies and services.

Goal is to help everyone deal with challenges imposed by new technologies, digitalization, innovation, changing business world and other dynamics.

Bridging the gap

It all began with the frustration that there was no neutral and easily understandable content for entrepreneurs when it came to the much talked about word “digitisation”. So his goal was to provide as many people as possible with the knowledge of what digitisation is and how they can do it themselves. Benjamin Talin firmly believes that the majority of entrepreneurs who have not yet done anything are simply afraid of doing something because of ignorance, because knowledge is the basic building block for change. From this goal, the platform was created. Originally still with focus on Switzerland, it was then soon widely spread and many readers read the simple contents also from Germany and Austria. So in July was born to provide information in the DACH area, for everyone who needs answers in the digital area.

General topics are dealt with, trends are shown and also terms are explained. The aim is to get as many people as possible enthusiastic about digitisation and to make them understand that it can be applied. There are some target groups that MoreThanDigital serves and which are intensively involved with digitization. In order to cover the almost endless topics dozens of authors work together on to make knowledge from the economy and science understandable and available in small pieces.

The platform is also intended to serve as a mouthpiece for visionaries, for specialists and also for the active exchange of knowledge. We are constantly expanding our topics, offering more guidance and trying to help as many as possible. In addition, we support SMEs with pilot projects, network with specialists, advise politicians and political parties and also arrange lectures/keynotes to explain the topics of digitisation.